Final Reflection

Hello everyone, this will be my final blog post. I will be linking a PDF to this where you’ll be able to see my final reflection on Propel.




Propel Blog #8

My project for the most part is now completed. However throughout this program I’ve mostly neglected my other courses like gym. I’m now left with two inquiry questions to hand in about sports. This shouldn’t take long however, I’m hoping to have both finished before June starts. Another course which I have to complete is career development. I only need to put in twenty more hours to receive that credit. For my actual project I only need to create and prepare my final presentation which will be roughly around 15 minutes long. As much as I’m looking forward to the end of school, I’m trying my best to savour the last few weeks of this wonderful program.

Propel Blog #7

In the last several weeks, Propel has been quite eventful. A group of us went to the rotary career symposium where we were apart of a team of students that had to judge and evaluate universities and postsecondary institutions’ booths that they use to attract possible students. This was done at the convention centre and lasted the entire day. It was quite interesting as I learned more about what may be ahead of me after high school.

Following up on my last blog, we had another visit with the Samuel Burland students where we further worked on the inquiry question on what makes us unique. We decided on using a powerpoint to present it and have started creating it. Besides that we continued our research and added on what we hope to include in the presentation. We’re making good progress and I hope to continue it.

On my actual project, I’ve been making progress as well. I’m several videos in on learning iOS app development and currently focused on arithmetic operators. Besides that I’ve been working on two websites. One which will be for my company, Artisan Media Solutions and another which will be for a tech repair company called Skyline Repairs. I’m getting close to finishing both and can’t wait to start putting in a lot of time learning how to app develop.

Propel Blog #6

Throughout the last two weeks we’ve been given plenty of time to work on our project. I’ve redefined what my final project will be and it is now an app development, social media management and web design company called Artisan Media Solutions. I’ve been working on my business cards and my logo for my company. The logo is finished and I’m currently creating the business cards. I am still waiting on the Mac to arrive and once it does I’m going to learn iOS and Android app development and as well hone my skills as a Java programmer. These skills will later be applied to creating apps for my business and in future endeavours.

On another note, Propel is participating in a learning partnership with Samuel Burland. We had our first visit with them last week. During it we worked on a inquiry question with them “What makes us unique?”. My group decided that our dreams play a role in making us unique. We were able to finish our project planner and begin our research. I’m looking forward to our next meeting with them.

One more thing we’re doing in Propel is we’re being taught by people who have Toastmaster training. It’s allowing us to have more opportunities for public speaking and preparing us for our presentation on our project. We’ve had to do impromptu speaking such as pulling an object out of a bag and talking about it right away. We’ve as well had to do prepared speeches such as show and tell or talking about ourselves for several minutes which was prepared beforehand. This has been a very productive two weeks and I’m looking forward to the future.

Propel Blog #5

Spring break has finally come to an end and I am now able to work on my projects once more. We’ve finally have been able to track down a Mac within our price range so I can begin to develop iOS apps. It will come in this Friday and hopefully I will be able to begin coding on it later that day. I wish to finish the course on how to learn app developing within a few weeks and then begin making an app to hone my skills. I am also looking into how to repair and flip phones so I have an extra way to make money. I hope that both of these skill sets will be quite useful for me in the future and that I will be able to start a business. All in all, I’m glad to be back and able to continue working on my project.

Propel Blog #4

Last Thursday, we did what I found to be the most interesting thing in propel so far. We had the opportunity Tiger’s Den where we pitched an idea to the “Tigers”. We decided to pitch a company that would be a Netflix for video games. The Tigers were splintered on whether or whether not the idea was feasible. The reason they were divided was because they weren’t for sure if monetizing old content such as video games that were two years older or more and retro games would be worth the price that we charging($34.99 monthly). I feel if we were able to get a few select new releases in it would end up working quite well.


Besides going to Tiger’s Den that week we simply continued on advancing on work on our projects. I hope to obtain a Mac soon so I can begin iOS developing and creating my app firm. In the mean time I’ve been learning Italian and I hope to be able to converse in it by the end of the semester.

Propel Blog #3

The last week in Propel has been bustling with activity. We went to the WAG (Winnipeg Art Gallery) and saw the new Olympus exhibit which really had me think about the lifestyle of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It allowed me to have a new view on how they lived their life and what their culture was like. At Nelson Mcintyre we had a MADD (Mother Against Drunk Driving) presentation where we learnt the dangers of driving drunk. Later on in the week we talked about a letter a student from CJS sent to several prominent citizens of Manitoba about missing aboriginal women in Winnipeg. This lead to an interesting and insightful discussion about the current events in the area. On Thursday we as well had a presentation celebrating Nelson Mcintyre pride and then to celebrate we ate a 50 foot long ice cream sundae out of an eavestrough. What a treat. We’ve been working on our projects throughout the entire week with progress coming along pretty fast. I’ve sent a request to try and get a Mac to allow me to use Xcode enabling me to develop iOS apps.